Clarity Counseling Services Co.


It is only when a person feels truly heard in a safe place that they can begin to share their authentic selves. It is here that people can over-come their self-limiting doubts and allow themselves to be vulnerable. It is here that the caterpillar evolves into the butterfly.​

Life can be complicated. When the answers escape you, it's very easy to feel hopeless. But when you re-discover what is good about you, you'll begin to feel whole again. You can expect these results when you work with me. I'll help you find your voice, your truth and your strength, which will enable you to live life with purpose, power and authentic intention.

Lola has spent the majority of her career providing services to adults and adolescents females. She holds a Master's degree in social work from Florida State University, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Her experience includes individual and group counseling; crisis intervention and brief treatment; out-patient counseling; residential programming; community outreach; client advocacy, and psycho-educational services.

Lola is a Tobacco Cessation Specialist and is currently the Field Coordinator for Thomas University’s Division of Social Work Program, where she is honored to mentor students transitioning from the role of student into that of the capable professional. Lola has also served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Florida State University College of Social Work and as an Adjunct Professor at Southwest Georgia Technical College’s Social Work Assistant Program.

Areas of Specialization:

Life stressors, such as divorce, adjusting to a new baby, bullying, self esteem, finances, and changes of life. Also anticipatory grief & loss bereavement, issues related to chronic illness/pain & caregiver struggles, women’s issues and trauma.


Master of Social Work (MSW), 2006, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida