Dr. Bruce Pedigo holds a Doctorate degree with a specialization in Child, Youth, and Family Studies. He has extensive experience with all client populations, but has developed a specialization in dealing with child, adolescent, and family issues. These issues include assessment and treatment of ADD/ADHD, Developmental Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Conduct Disorders, Anxiety (OCD and Generalized Anxiety), and Depressive Disorders.

Dr. Pedigo's clinical belief is that child and adolescent issues rarely occur in a vacuum but instead are a by product of a breakdown in family relationships, that requires an answer that addresses the needs of all family members. The core of his counseling commitment is to work with the individual and family members to bring about relational reconciliation and personal restoration.

His varied and extensive clinical experience with all client populations is driven by a core commitment to compassionate care and clinical "best practice". Dr. Pedigo has extensive experience in counseling individuals, couples, and families. Dr. Pedigo is state licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist and Clinical Social Worker. He's also a member of the International Trauma Therapist.


Dr. Pedigo's Core Belief

Hurting people, who see a need for counseling, want to know that their counselor will be authentic in hearing their story and is professionally competent to move them through this difficult time to a successful resolution.

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Bruce pedigo, LCSW, lmft, eD.D